Daily Fuel Pricing


Each day we post the Daily Fuel Price for the Pilot/Flying J network on our website. This list includes today’s cost as well as what the cost will be tomorrow. By doing a little bit of planning, using this tool, it can help you to lower your fuel cost (as we all know, fuel costs are on the rise and every little bit helps).
The price listed has been adjusted to subtract the fuel discount for using the Pilot/Flying J Network as well as the IFTA tax per state.  Your fuel cost savings can be significantly lower by following a simple rule of thumb – purchase your fuel at the lowest cost location based on the Daily Fuel Price list on our website (don’t purchase your fuel based on pump price). 
In the past, we have seen that fuel costs in Gary, IN and Lake Station, IN are generally cheaper than any other place in the network. If you are in need of fuel and are in the Gary, IN or Lake Station, IN area, be sure to check the prices of these stations.  You will likely lower your fuel cost by doing so.

Approved Fuel Stop Locations We had several requests from our partners for more information about the fuel stops in our network. We posted the 2012 Approved Fuel Stop Locations on our website. It includes the name of the fuel stop, city, state, interstate address, phone number, number of diesel lanes available, the number of parking spots available, the number of showers available, the type of restaurant, and if a CAT scale is on site.


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MPG Performance Rankings


Each Wednesday we will post the MPG performance in tractor number order as well as in Best to Worst order. In order to be on this list you would have had to driven 10,000 miles during this period of 5 weeks. It is our intent to work with all drivers on improving their MPG but will begin addressing the lowest performers first. If you are not on this list it could also mean that some of your imputed odometer readings were inaccurate and resulted in skewed results. Please take extra care to input the proper odometer readings when you fuel. We will monitor this data and make appropriate changes as necessary. This data is to be used as a guideline and the accuracy is limited to the accuracy of the information imputed at time of fueling.


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