Why Drivers Choose Risinger


  • You’re not just a driver to us, you’re part of the family
  • Unique perks and benefits
  • Consistent miles and routes
  • Complete transparency
  • See what our current drivers have to say about Risinger:

“Risinger is a good company to work for. They are reliable and keep you moving. All the dispatchers and employees are easy to get along with. I’d recommend Risinger to anyone. I’ve been here 15 years with no problems.” ~Mike Bowen

“I really like the short lease program. Other companies offer 5-6 year leases, but Risinger has a 2 year option.” ~Pinky Daniels

“The office staff and dispatchers are friendly and easy to work with. They’ve been helpful and understanding when I needed emergency time off. They’ve helped me out quite a few times to get my truck repaired so I could keep going.” ~Troy Malson

“At Risinger you get friendly people that are easy to work for.  I know I wished I would of known about Risinger 15 years ago when I first started trucking” ~Roy Gonyea

“I have been with Risinger for 2 years and they have been a great company to work for.  They advance your career at your pace, they have great dispatchers and a wonderful recruiting office. They are a breath of fresh air.” ~Israel Parker